Hedge Funds:

The Jensen Opportunity Fund is a technology focused fund investing in companies with ubiquitous products and services; companies with massively large platforms benefiting from the network effect; companies that have disruptive operational process, procedure, and manufacturing innovation; companies that have impenatrable competitive moats; and in many cases, companies with large cash balances that are available for R&D or acquisitional deployment.

The fund uses various stock option techniques to both add risk and provide downside hedge protection during the appropriate and respective times of market risk.

The fund will occassionally short positions.

The fund will occassionally use leverage to amplify returns.

Seed Investments:

Thintronics is revolutionizing the design and manufacturing of the printed circuit board (PCB). Their newly invented dielectric material enables the “small guy” to design their product with the end in sight – no longer design constrained by what is currently available, the stale PCB which has not seen innovation in decades. Thintronics’s thin technology allows the big player OEMs more design options with their PCBs too. Thintronics is also being tested for use in semiconductors. As ubiquitous as PCBs and semis are to products of all types, and the value Thintronics adds to such, keep an eye out for thintronics.com.